• PC & Notebook Repair and Upgrades - Spandau, Gatow, Kladow, Berlin.
  • Computer Virus, Malware, Adware und Toolbars Removal
  • Custom PC Builds
  • Diagnosis
  • IT Service: Servers sales and installation
  • Emergency Service
  • Deep cleaning of PC &Laptop hardware
  • Driver updates / Installation
  • Increase Performance
  • Hardware installation
  • Data Recovery: PC & Smart Phones
  • Data Forensics: PC or Smart Phone
  • Website and databases
  • We speak English and German



website info

We can supply your business with a website to represent your products and services. If your existing website is not "mobile-ready" (responsive), we can build a new website that will work across all platforms and devices. Our websites look great, are checked for validation and optimized for speed. We can build a new website usually within 3 days. Call us today to inquire.

We can also register and setup your new domain name (+ email accounts) (.de, .com, .net, .eu, etc) under your name. Your hosting administration console is available in German and English. The cost for 1 year of domain registration and hosting for your new website is 39,00 Euros.

+ Apps & Databases

Here are some helpful tips for a better PC experience.

  • BACK-UP your PC once a month, or more.
  • If your PC suddenly is really slow, you get unwanted pop-ups messages from the internet or get odd results from intenet searches with repeated offers to download some software "Tune-Up" or fix your PC your may have a virus or malware. DO NOT USE YOUR PC, Get it fixed and virus/malware free before reconnecting it to the internet. Your risk getting an encryption-locker type virus that may cause you to loss all your data.
  • Keep your PC OS, installed programs and anti-virus updated.
  • Do not click on links in emails from people you do not know.
    Many phishing emails instuct you to update your information and bring you to a fake PayPal, Yahoo, Outlook, etc log-in page. By entering your user name and password, hackers have access to your accounts! Clicking on the link can expose your PC to a virus.
  • Download and use Ccleaner on your PC. Its a free program that you should use daily to delete cache and history, unwanted cookies, etc from your PC.
  • Upgrade your system to Windows 10 operating system.

Contact us from 9:30 to 17:30 M-F


Stülerstr 9
10787 Berlin

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  • Virus and Malware Removal: 39 €
  • PC Repair: 42 €/hour
  • Travel Charge: 15 € max. 10 KM, + .30 cents per KM thereafter(1-way)
  • Emergency Service (Afterhours/Weekends): 65 €/hour
  • Upgrade to Windows 10: 49 € (includes saving your data, check and hardware, check and format HDD, install Windows and all drivers, Firefox, Ccleaner, Flashplayer, etc.
  • DSL-WLAN-installation: 49 €
  • Websites: from 395 €
  • 1 year Domain registration + webhosting: 39 €
  • Virtual Server with Plesk und 1 IP Number: 50 € Set-up, 10 €/Month.
  • Data recovery: ab 49 €
  • Data Forensics: ab 129 €

Apps & Databases

If your organization has the need to organize and access data, we can build a database system / APP. Our APPlications systems provide Dashboard Control Panel, custom pages and access from any PC or mobile devices.

Call us to discuss you needs.

+ Websites

Helpful Tips



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